Feb 11 2009

Leaving Mexico (March 2009)

Feb 10 2009

Mexico – Yucatan (February/March 2009)

Having put Belize behind them, Stefan and Silke are now back in Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Here are their email comments and photos: 

“We found a really good wildness camping site south of Tulum. That was not an easy task because they have built a lot of new buildings (e.g. a touristic park or hotel, resort & spa) and the access to the beach is not possible. At one restaurant they would only allow tents on the beach and we would have had to stay between a noisy generator and the stinky bathrooms. So we said to ourselves: it’s early in the afternoon, let’s find another place. And we got lucky. On the way to Punta Allen (south of Tulum) you pass the Biosfera Sian Ka’an, and after 3 Kilometers we found a nice beach. So we camped there between the palms for a week. Silke was working for three days on updating the trip diary. We went swimming, barbecued and relaxed a lot.”

“Then we went to Punta Allen and met Oscar and Paola from Mexico. They have a yellow labrador retriever dog like your Lucky, but this one is only a 4 month old puppy named Pancha. So cute looking and she likes to play all the time which is why she reminds us a lot of Lucky. Oscar is our age and an arts grafic designer like Silke, but now he is making awesome masks of palms. The couple invited us to their home in Playa del Carmen. On the way we watched for free Dolphins in Puerto Aventura and went snorkeling. We learned a few more words and sentences in Spanish, but most of the time we speak Spanglish with the use of our dictionary. We had such a fun time. Oscar cooked fish and prepared Ceviche for a picnic on the beach the next day.”

“As we were about to leave they decided to join us and we all went to Puerto Moreles for two days together. They also told us about Isla Mujeres where we are still enjoying the Caribbean Sea. On this island we met Kyle from California again. He’s the guy we know from the campground in Oaxaca. He is helping Lori, the owner of the Mango Cafe, and her Mexican boyfriend Polo. So each day we enjoy a great breakfast. We are having such a great time here with the following people: Oscar, Paola, Kyle, Lori, Polo and Zoe (Lori’s daughter). Zoe is a cute-looking girl with funny hair and from the time when Lori was living in Africa. We went with them to the movies in Cancun and watched “Slumdog Millionaire”, we visited a turtle farm, went more snorkeling and ate a lot of good food. So we are getting “fat” again. We should take Francis’ advice and go on an all Ceviche and vegetarian food diet. But tomorrow we have to leave, otherwise we will want to settle down on this nice little island.”

Feb 10 2009

Belize (February 2009)

Email comments from Stefan and Silke:

“Belize wasn’t as pretty as expected and we were not lucky with the weather. First we drove to the mayan temple “Caracol” and visited the caves next to it. Then we stopped at the garage of Graham who is a Land Rover Defender specialist. So we did maintenance and service on our Fender. Because we needed to relax a bit at the beach we traveled to Placencia. We found a campground right on the sea in the sand and in-between palm trees. But it was raining from time to time and it is not the cheapest place. Therefore we said to ourselves: ”Let’s just go to the Belize Zoo and then leave the country after a stop-over in Belize City”.

“The last night we camped at a restaurant in Altun Ha. They have a butterfly farm with a Tucan called “Tuci”. It can be frightening if you look too close to his big beak.”

“So, after only eight days in Belize we headed towards Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula.”