Mar 13 2010

Brazil (March 2010)

Stefan and Silke loved Brazil.

Here’s what Silke wrote in the email accompanying all the pictures:

“The Pantanal is one of the best places in the world. We loved the wildlife and stayed a night at a farm house where they offer safari tours by boat, by car, day and night. It was so cool to see an ocelot in the night and a giant ant eater the next day. The old road through the south part was exciting too. A lot of wooden bridges, cayman and piranhas in the water and exotic birds in the trees. Brazil has beautiful green mountains with many waterfalls (look for a yellow Brazil t-shirt). At the coast we were once more not lucky with the weather. Hard rain and Fender with the tent open was parked in a biiiig puddle. At the end we drove “mas o menos” 20 kilometer on the beach and reached Uruguay just before Easter.

Here are the photos from Brazil: