Feb 10 2009

Guatemala – Part 1 (January 2009)

Back in Mexico Stefan and Silke had hooked up with Erik from Belgium who is driving a Defender 110 HT (see previous post from Mainland Mexico). They decided to travel together with him to northern Guatemala.

Here is a description of the first part of their Guatemala travel:

“Right after crossing the border into Guatemala we drove north in Huehuetenango. We made it up to 2800 meters / 9200 feet and had great views over the mountains. We stopped in Barilles for the night. The next day we made it to P.N. de Laguna Lachua. It is a lake shaped like a circle surrounded by jungle and it was our first jungle experience!!! Erik had a contact in Coban, so we drove there and met Leti and her daughter Gimbly. Together with Gimbly we went to the adventure park and the orchid farm you saw in the videos (see the videos below the photos). We camped in their backyard. The next day we all visited a coffee factory in Coban. In the afternoon we explored the caves in Lanquin. You can see tousands bats leaving the cave at sunset. Not far from there is Semuc Champey. The river goes underground for 300 meters / 980 feet but above there are a lot of clear water pools and small cascades. This was definitely one of our peak experiences on our North Guatemala tour. Very lovely for swimming. We quickly caught the attention of the children there. They sell chocolate and were fascinated by Erik’s DVD of ”The Simpsons”. They speak Ketchi and here Bart was talking in English – but that really doesn’t matter much when you are a kid!”