May 13 2009

Guatemala City, Guatemala (April 2009)

Narrative by Silke:

“After a week in the capital we are back in Antigua and met Kyle here. Now we are waiting for Sonja which comes with the night bus to join us and on Monday we will all travel to El Salvador. Sonja is originally from Austria but was working as a teacher in a language school in Oaxaca, Mexico. So Kyle finally has a travel partner again”.

“We were incredible lucky again when we showed up at the LR shop in Guatemala City. We can hear you laughing right now: they have an employee which is from a German family living for generations in Guatemala! They can all speak German and they adopted us for the hole week with three meals a day! We got a kind of apartment for yourselves and their cleaning woman Maria was cooking lunch for us. The 87 year old great grandmother lived in the house behind the backyard and even she was able to speak German. During the weekend we drove with Ewalito (his dad’s name is Ewald, too) to their finca near St. Martin … with chickens, cows, vegetables, flowers and so on. Very nice little houses made with so much love, especially as for the details. We walked down to the river, ate some blackberries and visited the brother’s house and met his family. We have to tell you more when we skype the next time. But as you can tell we had a very good time and there were no worries about the car. “Fender” had the catalytic converter taken out and it was very dirty and full of soot. Then at the Land Rover shop they resealed the injectors and it wasn’t the problem at all. Afterwards they took the fuel tank apart and they changed the diesel pump. And now Fender sounds excellent again! We were very happy that we had that pump in spare and the bill wasn’t expensive”!