Jan 29 2009

Mexico – Baja California (November 2008)

Here are some extracts from Stefan and Silke’s emails to us:

“We communicate mostly in Spanglish and by using our hands and feet. We have met a lot of people from Oregon here in Baja. One woman was from Bend and she remembered seeing “Fender” when we were there with you guys.  We stayed a week on a beach called “El Arborito” near Carbo Pulma where we went diving and snorkeling. Now we are headed towards Bahia Concepcion between Mulege and Loreto.”

“We met Horst and Elke from Germany who gave us some good advice and maps from Mexico for our Garmin GPS. One the Baja we have been to these places: a) Capo Pulmo where we were diving and snorkeling - we met two brothers from Austria and one girl from Germany (all backpackers), Stefan was stung by a scorpion – he’s ok but it’s painful. In the biosphere near Capo Pulmo we relaxed at a waterfall.  b) Playa Santispak: Equipped with food, water and firewood we stayed in Santispak and tested our new saw. We met Jack, an American helicopter pilot, who has lived six years on a sailing boat. c) La Mona: On the way to Bahia de los Angeles we stopped at a old mission called San Francisco de Borja from 1762. In los Angeles we stayed at a beach La Mona with an American community (they have spent all their holidays there for 25 years now), dolphins in the bay and hummingbirds around us. d) La Reunion: Driving south again we passed San Ignacio and visited the nice mission there. At playa La Reunion we met the dog Negro (see photo above) and a couple from Germany – Gerhard and Kati. At this beach we stayed longer than planned. Had some very good camarones/shrimps! e) From La Paz we took a ferry to Topolobambo or rather Los Mochis (because Topo… well, nobody can pronounce that).”

“We have to tell you about the German couple we met on the Baja – Gerhard and Kati. They are traveling in a big MAN truck. They are amazing and we like them very much. We took the same ferry and did the train ride with El Chepe together. They have planned to go to Guatemala as well. So perhaps we’ll meet them again. We are still in contact. We got a lot of literature and maps of Central and South America from them. They want to visit these countries as well but have to go to Germany first (knee surgery etc.) and they can buy the travel books and maps one more time over there. It was definitely our luck and fun to meet them”

“It’s not as dangerous in Mexico as some people claim. Mostly you can camp on the beach for free or for a few Pesos. We were diving and snorkeling at Capo Pulmo with the only coral reef in Baja. There were dolphins in the bay and we watched them for hours.”