Jan 29 2009

Mexico – Mainland (Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009)

Extracts from Stefan and Silke’s emails:

“We arrived to Los Mochis with the ferry, drove to El Fuerte where we parked Fender in a closed-in backyard of a motel. Then we rode the famous train “El Chepe” over the Sierra to Creel. Up there it was pretty cold at night and ice on the street. We met all these indigenous people selling food, arts or crafts. At the end of this trip we had to say good-bye to Gerhard and Kati – we had a delicious dinner – Gerhard cooked chicken with peaches and bananas, and rice with almonds.”

“Here’s an incredible story from Tequila:
We visited the destillery and when walking back to Fender, a very well-dressed man appeared and asked us if we were really from Germany? Yes, and we told him about our trip. He was the Manager of the Destillery Jose Cuervo and gave us an amazing present – the very first bottle of the “Reserva de la familia” 2008 – a tequila anejo. The highlight of the Jose Cuervo Distillery is truly their famous Reserva de la familia!!!!! The bottle is in a handmade and colored wood case and is closed with a sealing wax. You cannot buy this tequila.”

“We drove to Angangueo to hike among the millions of monarch butterflies. That was a gorgeous experience.”

“In the northeast of Mexico Ciudad are the ruins of Teotihuacan where we were visiting the sun and moon temple. In Teotihuacan we found a restaurant which guarded Fender for one night. We then went to Mexico City for 2 days and saw the anthropological museum, the historic center and “el Angel”. With the bus and metro it was easy to travel in the city and return.”

“On the way to Acapulco we stopped in Taxco – a silver town with a beautiful cathedral. You will never see more Volkswagens in one place. Perhaps 95% of the citizens drive a Volkswagen. You feel like you’re in a time machine!”

“We celebrated New Year’s Eve in Acapulco together with Silke’s friend Susanne who is visiting from Germany. We celebrated by having a dinner on the beach. Our table neighbors were showing us the traditional way of celebrating New Years in Mexico. It was fun and the fireworks in the bay were great. We danced till 4 o’clock in the morning.”

“We are now in Puerto Escondido – 400 km and 8 hours away from Acapulco – and much nicer as it’s less crowded and less touristy. We are renting a small apartment with two bedrooms, bath and kitchen. It’s in Spanish style architecture and really beautiful. The three of us are having a lot of fun, going to the beach each day, enjoying the big waves of the Pacific ocean and watching the people.”

“Two days ago in San Cristobal/Chiapas, we met Erik from Belgium – he is driving a 2005 Defender 110 HT. We decided to drive with him to the north of Guatemala. We’ll do some off-roading. Erik has to meet up with a Swiss guy in Costa Rica and at that point we will go to Belize and then to Yucatan. That sounds fun, doesn’t it?”