Uruguay (March 2010)


Here’s what Silke emailed us about the Uruguay part of their trip:

The trip to Uruguay was simple: we stayed Easter at Fort Teresa in the north in a very nice forest with giant trees and a flock of parrots which had a big loud “Hello” in the morning and came back in the late afternoon. It was right after the holidays the most groups had left and the Fort was closed too. We didn’t get that right. Tough luck!

Then we found a good camp ground near the ocean and met a nice family (Kerim, Steffi and little Jamie) from Switzerland. Kerim is a cook at a high priced restaurant in Zurich and being half Italian he showed Stefan how to make a good dough for pizza. We talked every night and sat around a huge bonfire till the morning came. And collecting fire wood was a fun activity every afternoon.

We left them and went on to meet Werner and Hanne, a couple who is traveling with their sailing boat KiaOra. For 8 months the boat was in dry-dock in Piriapolis (not far from Montevideo) and had a major overhaul done to it. In the meantime, they explored South America with her small Land Rover Defender 90.
Finding Werner and Hanne was a bit complicated and seems to be fate. (Like meeting you – I guess it was just bound to happen).
Here’s how we met them: We had put a notice in the Panamericana Forum as we were searching for somebody to send the cars together back to Germany/Europe. But nobody answered. So, we were veeeeerry lucky when in February we heard back from a couple from Germany that we are shipping back in April. They told us about a guy named Jan and that he was in the same situation. We wrote Jan an email but he had already found somebody else to co-ship with. However, he gave us the email address of Werner and Hanne because they had asked him before, too. We never met Jan or his co-shipper but at the end we were four parties with four cars in two containers. Perfect!

Perfect as well because Werner and Hanne had rented a Cabana. So we had a place to store our stuff, to select things and to sleep the last night because Fender was prepared for shipping (everything inside from the roof). Being with them helped us cope better with the sadness of our 2-year journey coming to an end.  We drank a lot of wine and showed our pictures and laughed about comedians on YouTube. We had an Agency do all the shipping and customs paperwork. And then we took a bus to Montevideo to arrange the shipping and a second time to bring the cars. Afterward we said Goodbye to Werner and Hanne and took a bus to Colonia del Sacramento which is across the bay from Buenos Aires. We stayed in a hotel and took the ferry the next day to Buenos Aires, “La apasionada”. But this is another story…

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